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Children Orphaned by the Natchez Massacre

My interest in the Ursulines is due to the family story I heard about the Mesplay children being orphaned and raised by nuns. Could they have been orphaned at a much later date than the time that the name originated?
The following is information I received from the Ursuline Academy in Louisiana;
The indians spared the lives of many of the women and children, but took them captive. Governor Périer then sent an expedition of almost seven hundred men to lay siege to White Apple (the indian village), and after two attempts they liberated the captives. The women and children were brought to New Orleans, where officials faced the problem of providing a home for those who had been orphaned. The officials turned to the Ursulines, asking them to shelter the orphan girls.
The number of children who arrived after the massacre is not known, but in 1731 there were forty-nine orphans at the convent.

The Ursuline Academy also sent me a list entitled 1731 - List of Orphan Girls Who Are Living at the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans. There are no Mesplet's in the following list. When you compare the names with the list of those killed at Ft. Rosalie, I'm not even sure that all of these are orphans of the massacre. There are only two boys who are specifically mentioned as orphans from the massacre. The quote from the history book above says that the number of orphans is not known. What's all this mean? To me it means that it's not likely that the Mesplet children of lore were raised by these nuns but you can't rule anything out for sure.
Name Age
GOUMY, René 12
CLAUSE, Jeanne 9
DRIAN, Marianne Thérèse 11
CHINQUE, Margueritte 9
SIMPEL, Margueritte 7
CHEMITE, Catherine Pitre 6
ST. DENIS, Marie 7
Agnes 11
MELIQUE, Francoise 10
BERNARD, Margueritte 10
CLERMONT, Marie Joseph 8
CLERMONT, Francoise 3
HENRY, Catherine 8
DENET, Marie Jeanne 3
MARCHAND, Suzanne 11
ST. ESTEF, Marie Jeanne 9
REINE, Marie Jeanne 7
GRIMON, Marianne 10
VIEUX, Marianne 12
BIC, Marie du 8
BOYER, Anne Madelaine 12
BREDA, Marianne 3
DRAPAU, Catherine 12
LAROSE, Isabelle 5
CHALANTE, Louise 4
DRAPAU, Marie 8
CAILLON, Francoise 7
LE GRIS, Marie Barbe 9
The two sons of BOUBANT who was killed at Natchez 2
The son of LA VAUVRET 1
Note: Drapeau means flag in french. Is there a connection here between the DRAPAU name and the DE PAU name? Its possible but not likely since there aren't two girls listed in the 1726 census as living at the Mesplet property.