Medlar Flower

Family Stories

The two family stories presented here are very similar and come from two completely different sources as far as we can tell. This indicates that there may be some truth to them. Another indication is that we've found that there is indeed a "Mesplay" tree - the medlar. Do you have a similar story?
This story was told to Nellie Reynold's father, Thomas Clyde Messplay, by a John Mesplé. We're guessing at the spelling of his last name since Nellie could remember only that he spelled it differently than Messplay. This John lived in Lourdes, France and California and was not heard from after WWI.
The family originally came from around Lourdes, France and there was some connection to Mady Mesplé, a french opera singer.
The family name originated in France when a holocaust of some sort, perhaps a war or storm, left two small children homeless and unidentified. They were found under a mesplé tree and were given the name Mesplé. The tree is supposed to be similar to a persimmon tree. While the family lived in France they raised thoroughbred white horses that were sought by royalty of various regions. There was supposed to be a crest: a keystone with a white horse head on each side.

This story was told to James Mesplay by his father Jay Kenton Mesplay who said it had been passed down for generations.
The family name originated in France when a war or catastrophe of some sort left two small children orphaned. They were found under a mesplay (spelling unsure) tree and so were given that name. They were raised by Catholic nuns.