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1732 Map
A Sieur Mesplet (with various spellings of the name) is mentioned in the history books of Louisiana at two different times. Each was in reference to battles with the Natchez Indians. The first is in 1723 and the second is in 1730 when he was killed.
A Sieur Mesples is mentioned in the 1726 Census of the French Colony of Louisiana. We have not been able to find a direct link between Pierre Mesplay and this Mesples.
The evidence that they were related in some way is as follows: Sieur Mesplet was killed by the Natchez indians shortly after the Fort Rosalie Massacre. This massacre was a turning point in the colonization of Louisiana.
An avenue that has yet to be explored is the records of the Company of the Indies, the trading company that ran Louisiana for a time in the early years. I believe these records are in the French Archives.