Medlar Flower


A great deal of the information on this web site is a result of the many years of research by Madeline Mesplay. She was aided in great part by Joan Grippo. I remember my family getting a letter from Madeline in the early 1980s that was looking for Mesplay information. The preface to her book indicates she has been researching since 1972. That's a lot of hours spent in libraries pouring over dusty volumes and microfilms. I appreciate her efforts as I'm sure all of the Mesplays do. The information in her letter was a springboard for my own research.
I've also spent a few years in independent research of my branch of the family as well as verifying/confirming Madeline's information. The following locations were gold mines of information: A big thanks also goes to those who have contributed their personal research of the family tree. In particular Nellie Messplay Reynolds who provided the research of her father Thomas Clyde Messplay. Others who have contributed family information include Joe Pat Mesplay, Paul Crescent Messplay, Jack Mesplay, Grace Riker, Marie Knorpp, Jerry Scheer, Bill Robison, Victor Pickering, Patricia Leonard, Pat Weeks, and William Gavisk. Please let me know if I left anyone out and accept my apologies in advance.