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List of those who died "In the times of the Massacre begun by the Natchez Indians on November 1, 1729 and lasting to August 1, 1730." from The First Families of Louisiana by Conrad

Name Comments
At the Natchez Post
Dechepart A Basque, Commander of the Post
Du Coder Native of St. Simphorien. Commander of the Yazoo post
Poisson, Father Missionary at the Yazoo Post
Bailly Picard Chief Clerk
De La Loire Des Ursins From St. Germain En Laye
Masse Lieutenant. Also killed: wife and niece
De Noyers Ensign "expectative" functioning as aide-major and director of the Terre Blanche Concession. His wife is living and married to Sieur Joye, called Roujot
Duges Called La Sonde. Surgeon. His widow is still living.
Delongrais Director of the St. Catherine Concession
De Kolly Father and son.
Reneper Notary
Ville Neuve From Gascony. Also killed: wife and 1 child.
Mirault, Louis Called St. Louis. Tailor. Also killed: son. Wife is living and married to a man called Plaisant, a fisherman.
Le Tortillier, Louis Called La Marche. Came to the colony as a prisoner. Also killed: wife and child.
Livernai Worked on the concession of M.W. Also killed: wife and child.
Gavignon, Antoine Called Frape. Wife is living and married to a man called Judice.
Bourguignon, Julien Chartier Worked on the Kolly Concession. Also killed: wife and child.
Dispasse, Jean Called Beau Sejour. Came to the colony as a soldier. Also killed: a child.
Dubie, Francois Native of Paris, parish of St. Sulpice. His wife is living.
Le Maire, Jean Charles Called Cambrelot. Native of Cambre. Came to the colony as a soldier-worker on M. Le Blanc's concession. Also killed: his German wife.
Henry, Louis Called Le Petit St. Louis. Also killed: wife and 2 children.
Dabeville, Picard Also killed: wife and son-in-law.
Leonard A Gascon. Came to the colony to work on the Law concession.
Charente Also killed: wife, 2 children and a slave.
Brise Bois A Canadian
Mesplet Native of Peau in Béarn
St. Amand His wife is living and married to a man named Mevillon
Caron Native of Paris
Pascal Native of Provence. Boat owner. His wife is living and married to a sailor named Aubergiste.
Sabanier Native of Bayonne. Also killed: wife.
Langlois Native of Paris. Came to the colony as a cadet.
Hurlot, Laurent Called La Sonde. Surgeon. Also killed: wife and daughter.
Jouard, Antoine Called Moulon. Native of Savoy. Came to the colony as a soldier.

List of persons at or near the Natchez Post who were killed by the neighboring indians in the massacre of November 28, 1729. Signed by Father Philibert, Capuchin missionary at Natchez, on board the Duc De Bourbon, June 9,1730. from The First Families of Louisiana by Conrad

Name Comments
Missing first part of the list
La Vielle Chevalier A native of Bohemia.
La Muette And three children.
Joly Carpenter and his wife.
Le Coeur Carpenter
Leger Carpenter
Isbra Carpenter
Baptiste Carpenter
Jouan, Jean Carpenter
Ribert Carpenter
Picard Carpenter
Monthuy His wife and one child
Tondon, Pierre His wife and one child.
Beausoleil Sabanier's domestic
Cormuret Cooper
Richard, Widow and one child
Litant, Pierre
Le Maire Cooper
Dauphine, Wife of
Montauban, Wife of And two children
Duguay, Alain Called Le Petit Macon
Hyacinthe, Francois
Jossiau, Gilles
La Pierre Called Chatelain
Persons who had arrived at Natchez only a few days before
Ducodere Commander of the Yazoo Post.
Poisson, Father A Jesuit missionary at the Arkansas Post.
Kolly And his son from New Orleans
Langlois Kolly's clerk
Verlug, Charlot A boy from Chapitoulas
Bourbeau Resident of New Orleans
St. Pierre Bourbeau's employee
Poupar From Yazoo
Bourguignon From Yazoo
Mesplet Burned to death
Marty and Dominique Scalped
St. Amant Died in Combat
Brisebois and Navarre
Note by Jim Mesplay: I believe these last six were the men in the detachment from Tunicas.