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mesplay arms
Although we have not made a direct link back to France yet. We believe that the Mesplays in America came from the South of France because any references we have found to the origin of the Mesplet name indicates they came from Béarn which is now known as the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.
The coat of arms to the left is listed as belonging to the Mesplez of Béarn. It is described in the Armorial de Béarn as "d'or a trois tourteaux de guelle chargés chacun d'un croissant d'or". This roughly translates to "of gold with three red tarts (pies) each full of a gold crescent.
In the mid to late 1600's there were at least four branches of the Mesplès name. De Mesplès, baron of Aren; de Mesplès, baron of Susmiou; de Mesplès, baron of Esquiule were all present at Paul Joseph Desclaux-Mesplès wedding.
Desclaux-Mesplès is the name that was formed when Louise de Mesplès married Dominique Desclaux in 1685. Since she was the last of her branch of the de Mesplès family her marriage contract required the hyphenated name. Her descendants dropped the Desclaux and went by de Mesplès.
A similar thing happened when the Mesplès-Aren branch fell in distaff in the early 1700's. Jeanne de Mesplès married Jean de Casamajor but the descendants of this union took up the Mesplès name and coat of arms.
Today there is still a strong concentration of Mesples situated in the south central and south west regions of France - Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine.
As mentioned in other places in this site we believe the Mesplet name originated with the Occitan word for Medlar. Occitan (or Gascon) was the official state language of Béarn until 1620.